I am an artist and maker, working mainly with textiles.

After a degree in Philosophy and Fine Art, I trained as a textile conservator, and worked as a conservator and tutor at the Textile Conservation Centre, which at that time was  based at Hampton Court Palace.

The intimate knowledge of historic and ethnographic textiles I gained while working as a textile conservator has informed my practice, both in terms of design and technique.

My current interest in felt was ignited when I attended a workshop with Heather Belcher in 2014.

Felt is a non woven fabric, created from carded or combed unspun wool. As a maker I am excited by the huge range of possibilities that felt making offers, from the lightweight fluidity of a superfine merino scarf to the hard wearing solidity of a seamless bag.  As an artist I am excited by the textures and variety of mark making that can be achieved and by blending colours and building up fine layers I can create a multiplicity of colour effects.

Wet felt making is a fairly slow process, with my work being created over several days. I enjoy the physicality of the gentle rubbing and rolling of wet fibres, as well as the transformation from loose fibre to finished fabric. I often introduce other materials such as silk, cotton and linen into my work and might use decorative stitch to achieve a particular finish. In my most recent works I’m exploring the possibilities of nuno techniques, where the wool fibres are felted on to a ground of woven fabric.

I divide my time between London and East Devon. Both the natural and the built environment can inspire me, but I am most interested in exploring the memory and feeling created by a particular occasion in a particular place. I am drawn towards abstraction, hoping that the viewer will make their own links to their personal memories of place.

felt artwork
Glasshouses II